Another view of the dispute between Pathfinder and MIA

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JGP>     This is especially important for the Third World, where by and
JGP> large Pathfinder's books are a luxury beyond the means of most
JGP> working people and practically impossible to find. But people can,
JGP> for modest sums, access the Internet through an Internet cafe or a
JGP> public facility like a public library. And as a practical matter,
JGP> just because the books are warehoused in New York does not mean that
JGP> they are available in Delhi or Manila.

   You _should_ know, José, that Pathfinder Press a) is actively
looking for distributors on all continents, and have not only visited
the Frankfurt book fair for this purpose quite often, but also book
fairs in Africa, Asia and Cuba; and b) does licence reprints in
countries of the Third World, which are much cheaper for those markets
than the quality paperbacks produced in New York, NY, USA.

   E.g. one of the Pathfinder publications has been reprinted in Cuba
(Habla Nelson Mandela, but without the photo collection).

   On the other hand, access to the Internet, even to a telephone is
quite limited in most countries of the Third World. On the whole
African continent there not more phone lines than in New York City
(Manhattan) alone, or in Tokyo. Check the world telecommunications
reports at the ITU site (

  So the most important is the availability of a) the books in a
public library; b) cheap reprints, for which Pathfinder Press will
give the licence.

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