A scurrilous attack on Pathfinder and the SWP.

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rr> Pathfinders prices may well be respectable compared to many
rr> "academic" publishing houses, but surely the whole point of a
rr> socialist publisher is to make such works available to even the
rr> poorest sections of the working-class.

  Well said. Nonetheless, the paper, the printing ink, the printing
presses, and even the printing workers have to get paid.

  Pathfinder found out with one very successful Malcolm X title, that
the more they were selling, the poorer they would get. They just put
their prices too low.

  I do agree with you that a revolutionary publishing house should
make available the tremendous heritage of revolutionary fighters and
thinkers from all over the world available to all revolutionary minded
workers etc. But then this publishing house should take care not to be
knocked out of existence if it is too successful by accomplishing this

  "The task of the revolutionists is to make the revolution", is, as
far as I remember, what Che Guevara or Fidel Castro said, and - I
might add -- not to replace the social workers from the mayors office.

rr>                                              There is, in my mind,
rr> absolutely no justfiable reason, other than greed, for Pathfinder to
rr> charge such ridiculously high prices, prices which are certainly well
rr> out of my reach.

  Just go and check out other "quality paper back" publishers.

rr>                Pathfinder even went to the ex-USSR and bought up
rr> all the remaining copies of the Progress Publishers stock for a
rr> pittance and now charges prices for them that they should be ashamed
rr> of. Pure profiteering of the very worst kind.

  They saved the books from being destroyed. Why should they give them

rr>  Pathfinder is a capitalist enterprise and like all good capitalists
rr> it is doing its damndest to make a monopoly in its area of the
rr> market.  Mind you, making the works of Trotsky unavailable to all but
rr> the petit-bourgoisie is probably the greatest service to the
rr> working-class that the SWP could have ever done.

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