The MIA, the Barnesites and Trotsky

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PF> Yet the historical accident that Trotsky found refuge in Mexico and
PF> therefore was closer to the US than any other imperialist,
PF> English-speaking country - and it was only such countries which could
PF> really raise the kinds of funds necessary to produce Trotsky editions
PF> in abundance - has been turned into some kind of 'special
PF> relationship' which gives the organisation bearing the name of the
PF> 'SWP' proprietary rights for all time. Trotsky would be horrified.

  I don't think so, since Trotsky himself was not giving his work away
for free, unless for a political purpose.

  Also please note, that Pathfinder Press does not claim to own the
copyright to Trotsky's writings, but to their own translations. The
copyright to Trotsky's writings is owned by the heir of Marguerite

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