Answering the Brenner thesis

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Tue Oct 24 08:30:21 MDT 2000

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>The period in which I am interested is that from 1440 to 1650. There may be
>differences regarding  later periods, but they would be marginal. Also, I
>assume that "capital accumulation" implies a capitalist (or groups of
>capitalists) who *do* the accumulating -- and whose use of the accumulated
>capital is subject to capitalist (rather than pre-capitalist) constraints.
>did those capitalists come from?

Lou answer's Carrol's question by reference to Vol. III.

The answer to your question is found in Chapter 20 of V. 3 of Capital
(Historical Material on Merchant's Capital). Here is a brief section:


CB: Thanks for that reference , Lou. Marx also asks the identical question that Carrol
asked at the very beginning of the Chapter of Vol. I of _Capital_, entitled "Genesis
of the Capitalist Farmer"

"Now that we have considered the forcible creation of a class of outlawed
proletarians, the bloody discipline that turned them into wage-laborers, the
disgraceful action of the State which employed the police to accelerate the
accumulation of capital by increasing the degree of exploitation of labor, the
question remains: whence came the capitalists originally? "


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