Green Left Weekly: #425, October 25, 2000

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #425
                             October 25, 2000
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and socialist perspective.

Featured this week: ISRAEL OUT OF PALESTINE NOW!

The mass demonstrations in Palestine in recent weeks have made it clear
that the Palestinian people want Israel out of Palestine now. This issue of
GLW deals with various aspects of the Palestinians' struggle for justice.


 * Israel out of Palestine now!
 * PALESTINE: The myth of the empty land
 * A history of aggression
 * PALESTINE: `To die surrendering or to die resisting?'
 * Australian socialists demand: Israel out now!
 * PALESTINE: The world according to the US media


 * Why corporate rulers fear the new people's movement
 * After Seattle, Washington, Melbourne, Prague: M1-2K01


 * SOUTH KOREA: `Another world is before us'
 * SOUTH KOREA: Seoul joins the global anti-corporate rage
 * CUBA: US tightens blockade
 * CUBA: Fidel leads immense march against blockade
 * PAKISTAN: Democracy conference denounces military rule
 * NEW ZEALAND: Green MPs raise Morning Star flag
 * CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague 2000: Diary of the people's battle
 * ZIMBABWE: Price protesters denounce Mugabe
 * SOUTH AFRICA: `Cancel arms spending!'
 * ANC minister opposes 40-hour week
 * PHILIPPINES: Estrada must resign, but what's the alternative?
 * UNITED STATES: Lesser evilism and the Nader campaign
 * UNITED STATES: Protests in 50 cities target Citigroup
 * International news briefs
 * UNITED STATES: The dictatorship of the dollar
 * Spotlight on Indonesia
 * INDONESIA: Militant union wins legal recognition
 * EAST TIMOR: Australia bleeds Timor for oil
 * EAST TIMOR: Stop the Howard government's Timor oil grab!
 * Asian free trade agreement fails


 * Censorship no answer to racism
 * Editorial: The Solomons need development aid not troops
 * John Pilger on the Olympics and Aboriginal rights: Glorious
 * `Female firebrands' and S11


 * Palestine resistance will continue
 * Truckies demand higher rates
 * A tale of two lunches
 * Women march in world action against poverty
 * North Coast discusses S11
 * Iraqi communists look forward
 * Refugee supporters march on Villawood


 * S11 videos document the truth
 * A light punch of realism
 * God, physics and politics


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