Russell R. Menard on Eric Williams

Michael Hoover hoov at
Tue Oct 24 19:48:04 MDT 2000

> Michael, my claim that "Genovese can be considered a new left" is not an
> unsubstantiated assertion. I  had explained why. With all due respect,
> you should
> read the posts carefully before responding. Despite your reading of
> Genovese many
> years ago (good for you!), the fact that you have *failed* to mention his
> Weberian
> language in your *original* post explains why you were subconsciously
> sympathetic
> to Genovese in the first place. Here is the part of your post I responded
> before
> *you made the revisions* . In my view, it is wrong to call Genovese
> *Marxist*
> without bothering to mention where his bad marxism comes from.
> Mine

Above is such bizarre & ridiculous misreading of what I've posted on this
matter that I'm tempted to think it willful distortion.  Regardless, it
serves as excellent example of why e-mail forums are not conducive to
discussion, in part because posts will necessarily be incomplete and
posters function as sovereign individuals exclusive of responsibility
(also, tone doesn't travel well in cyberspace).

My point about having read Genovese quite a few years ago was clear:
I've been critical of him for long time.  Nothing I've posted to this
or coupla other lists where EG has been topic recently indicates
otherwise (consciously or subconsciously...btw: your explorations into
latter are no more accurate than your take on words I wrote).

Those who know me (including some folks via e-lists) know that I am
extremely careful reader.  I don't post much, with a few exceptions,
only when I have something that I think worthwhile saying.  I
generally delete text of messages that I respond to *except* that to
which I am specifically replying.  I write succinctly & cogently (as
I've said many a time, 2 screens and I'm out!).

One last time, Genovese was not a New Leftist...As for revisions, I've
no idea what you're referring to but it doesn't matter, I'm outta here...
Michael Hoover

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