US Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections, Part II

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US Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections, Part II


On August 2, 'Agence France Presse' reported that a delegation from the
"democratic opposition" met behind closed doors with the Montenegrin
leadership, trying to convince the Montenegrins to support the "democratic
opposition" candidate for President:

"The Serbian delegation, included Zoran Djindjic of the Democratic Party and
Vojislav Kostunica of the Democratic Movement for Serbia (DSS), the most
likely Milosevic challenger.

"The meeting took place a day after US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
met Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic in Rome and urged Yugoslavia's
opposition groups to drop threats to boycott the elections and unite to
defeat Milosevic. ..." ("Agence France Press," August 2, 2000)

Here's some more information on the trip Albright made to Rome, where she met

"In addition to election issues Albright said she had discussed with
Djukanovic ways in which to increase assistance to Montenegro which is in the
throes of an economic crisis. ("Agence France Presse," Aug. 1, 2000, my

So Albright offered Milo Djukanovic money if he would support the so-called
"independent" opposition.

At first Djukanovic refused. Kostunica criticized him publicly for not
joining the team. Then, on September 11th, Djukanovic endorsed Kostunica.
Albright got her money's worth.

It was a stroke of luck for the US agents in Yugoslavia, working with their
National Endowment for Democracy handlers, to maneuver Kostunica into the
no-win situation of joining Djindjic and Djukanovic and numerous others under
the umbrella of USA sponsorship.

Kostunica has a very weak organization. He therefore depends on the
US-controlled parties, groups and mass media to campaign. If he were to win
the Presidency, the local US puppets (Sorry! the "democratic activists")
would staff his government.

This "democratic opposition" has endorsed a Program written for them by G-17,
the group of neoliberal economists in Belgrade, funded by the National
Endowment for Democracy. This Program is posted on the websites of both G-17
and the "student group", Otpor. The program has a list of points which the
"democratic opposition" is pledged to carry out were they to win the
presidential and/or other elections. Here are some of the main points:

1. The "democratic opposition" program proposes the option of adopting the
German Mark as a legal currency for the whole of Yugoslavia, following the
lead by NATO forces in Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro. This would immediately
impoverish the Yugoslav people by making the country an economic dependency
of Germany.

2. The "democratic opposition" program calls for ending all price controls.
No subsidized food, no social protections. Working people, including a
million refugees whose conditions are already difficult, would be buying food
at Western prices but without Western wages.

3. The program calls for the immediate shock treatment of introducing a full
capitalist society without first providing Yugoslavs with the necessary
financial means to participate in such an economy. The result would be the
transfer into foreign hands of control of the entire Yugoslav economy.
Similar provisions for the application of so-called "modern economic
ideology" have already succeeded in destroying Russia's economy.

4. Curiously the "democratic opposition" program makes no mention of NATO's
criminal aggression against Yugoslavia.

5. The program calls for slashing public spending, demilitarization, radical
tax changes, drastically limiting the power of the central government. All
these measures set Yugoslavia up to be controlled from the outside.

6. The program would accept the US dictate that Yugoslavia no longer exists
and that Serbia must come on bended knee to Washington to be recognized anew.
This would mean the immediate surrender of all the assets and historical
rights of the Yugoslav state. These assets include billions of dollars worth
of embassies, the Yugoslav navy, the air force, bank accounts frozen all over
the world, foreign assets, property assembled by the Yugoslav people since
the end of World War I.

Kostunica's candidacy is nothing more than an effort to paper over the easily
recognized faces of the United States' discredited agents in Yugoslavia.


The coalition backing Kostunica includes:

Zoran Djindjic, leader of the Democratic Party, who fled Serbia during the
NATO bombardment and continued before and after the bombardment to meet with
the likes of Gelbard and Albright and to take their money.
Ms.Vesna Pesic and an assortment of similar "activists" who sought from the
early 1990s to undermine Serbia's legitimate military defense against foreign
aggression and illegal secessionists. These people have been working with the
Endowment for Democracy for years.
Nenad Canak, President of the Vojvodina League of Social Democrats who has
called for a Vojvodina Republic and who provides a focus for secessionists
The opposition is supported by Milo Djukanovic, whose government has invited
Croatian military forces to train special police and who, according to the
British newspaper, the "Independent," has invited British SAS troops to train
snipers to assassinate Yugoslav Army officers.
The opposition includes a collection of various other pseudo-political
figures who have realized that taking bribes from the US continues to be the
most profitable business in the world.

What is the US Government Trying to Do?

The US government wishes to crush the Serbian and other pro-Yugoslav people
as a force capable of resisting US/German domination of the Balkans and the
East. There is nothing new about this. The German establishment has been
trying to crush the Serbs as a political force for more than a hundred years.

Senator Biden said it quite clearly in the July 29, 1999 hearings:

"I mean, for example, it's amazing what can happen when you eliminate the
extremes. I mean, the single best thing that ever happened to the Republic of
Srpska is we kicked the living hell out of Milosevic. There ain't no
alternative left. …It's amazing what a salutary impact that has upon extremes
in countries. And that's why the single best thing we -- my dream is to visit
Milosevic in prison. (Laughter.) I mean that sincerely. I'm not being
facetious. Because you put Milosevic in prison, and things in the region will
change drastically." (Senator Joseph Biden, Senate Hearings on Serbia, July
29, 1999)

Note that by "extremes" Sen. Biden means: people who refuse to kneel before
the U.S. boot.

Do Biden and Gelbard and the other U.S. puppet masters believe Kostunica can
get enough votes to win? We doubt it. After all, his campaign apparatus
consists of people who are discredited as US agents.

But if Kostunica did win, it would be great for the US government. Regardless
of Kostunica's intentions, he has a very small organization and the US-paid
opposition forces, who are numerous, would flood his government apparatus.

The US would then use its dominant position in such a Yugoslav government the
same way it has used its dominant position in Kosovo. Since NATO marched into
Kosovo 15 months ago, about 350,000 ethnic Serbs, Gypsies, Slavic Muslims,
Croatians, Jews, Turks and anti-fascist ethnic Albanians have been driven
out. Even the UN admits that Kosovo has been turned into a gangster's
paradise. Tens of thousands of women have been kidnapped by the US ally, the
Kosovo Liberation Army, and forced into prostitution. This is what Yugoslavia
could expect if the US agents got their hands on the government.

Look how the US has treated its allies, the pro-Islamist Bosnian Muslims and
neo-Nazi Croatians. All things considered, these groups did not profit by
being obedient to their US and German masters. By every standard of
measurement they are worse off today than before they illegally left
Yugoslavia. Or one can look at other countries. Take Russia. The Russian
government was fully obedient and adopted every horrible measure the US
"advised" . They helped the United States crush the Russian economy. And what
did the people get? The worst poverty since World War II. A falling
population. But the population of Serbia has resisted for the last ten years.
If they were to stop now, if they were to fall for the nice words, "freedom"
and "democracy" and "modern economic measures", as others have fallen for
these words, what could they expect? Could they expect to be treated as
"well" as the Russians and Bulgarians who as nations have not resisted? No.
Yugoslav loyalists would get the special treatment the US gave the American
Indians. Do you know what they used to say? "The only good Indian is a dead

If the US, were to get control of the Yugoslav government apparatus they
would try to crush the people. KLA terrorists would infiltrate all over the
country. NATO would try to disarm the people while fascists destroyed Serbian
culture. People would be expelled with nowhere to go. Prices would shoot sky
high. Industries would be seized. Secret lists of phony "war crimes" suspects
would be used to arrest or shoot any leader who resisted. It would be open
season on Serbs and other Yugoslav loyalists. Of course, the Yugoslavs would
not take this like lambs. Such a government would be driven from power by the
ordinary people.

For ten long years the people of Yugoslavia have seen the evidence that the
US government has no mercy. We believe the Yugoslavs will not drop their
resistance now.


1. The full text of the July 29, 1999 Senate hearings on Serbia can be read

2. The NED report cited above is called "Statement by Paul B. McCarthy,
National Endowment for Democracy to the Commission on Security and
Cooperation in Europe". It can be read at

3. For more on the G-17 economists see the article "The IMF and the Yugoslav
Elections" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky and Jared Israel at
[Emperor's Clothes]

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