20,000 Palestinians imprisoned in their own homes for the , fourthconsecutive week

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    000 Palestinians imprisoned in their own homes  for the ,
     fourth consecutive week


20,000 Palestinians imprisoned in their own homes  for the fourth
consecutive week

Al-Khalil (Hebron): Israeli-occupied West Bank:

For the fourth consecutive week, a hermetic curfew has been imposed  on
more than 20,000 Palestinian civilians living in the al-Khalil's old town,
classified as (H-2) by the "Hebron protocol" reached by Israel and the
Palestinian Authority in 1996.

In practical terms, the curfew means  that everybody, including women and
children, must stay indoors, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And in case a citizen ventures out, even for an emergency,  he or she could
shot dead on the spot "for violating the curfew" and "obstructing the
function of the Israeli Defense Force."

Indeed, several Palestinians, including children, had been shot dead for
merely stepping out of their houses during curfews.  The people of al
Khalil know too well what it means to get out of the home during a curfew.

Al-Khalil is no strange to Israeli curfews. In 1994, following the Ibrahimi
Mosque massacre, when an American-Jewish settler known as Baruch Goldstein
murdered 29 Palestinian worshipers while praying at the Mosque at dawn, the
Israeli occupation authorities actually  punished the victims  (the people
of Hebron)  by imposing a 60-day curfew, which ruined the town's economy
and  caused  a collective claustrophobia among the  town's 160,000

"Look, the Jews don't understand the elementary principles of justice…they
always protect the murderer and punish the victim," said Husni Kubabji, an
elderly citizen of the old town.

"We are waiting until the Almighty intervenes."

It is not clear why the 20,000 strong Palestinian inhabitants of
al-Khalil's old town are confined to their homes for that long.

The Israeli occupation authorities cite "security" as the main reason for
the keeping the  enduring curfew, a mantra whose intonation justifies the
sustained tormenting of the Palestinians.

"A curfew is a slow death….we are all facing overwhelming stress as a
result of this brutal behavior….I hope the world will force Israel to treat
us with some humanity," said Ahmed sharabati, a 50 year old shopkeeper,
with frustration and despair clear in the tone of his voice.

He adds with resignation, "What can we do….we just wait until they lift the
curfew…we don't know when they will."

According to Dr. Abdul Aziz Shuqir,  Head of the Princess Alya hospital in
Hebron, the situation in the old town is "extremely dire."

"Look they are keeping 20,000 people inside their homes for 27 days
now….even animals are treated as such….this is at a time when Jewish
settlers wander about freely in the city…looking for a stray Arab to kill

Hashem Abul Nabi Natrshe, Head of the Hebron's Chamber of Commerce,
estimated that Hebron loses $3 million a day as a result of the curfew and
the siege being enforced on al-Khalil.

Natshe puts the total loss of the entire Palestinian economy at $20 million
a day "in addition to the high casualty figures we sustain"

In addition,  Jewish settlers often go on the rampage in Hebron, using very
much the same rituals used by the Gestapo and  the Nazi SS against Jews
during WWII.

"They behave like wild mad dogs…they shoot at Arab  houses, windows, they
break the windshields of our car, they smash and vandalize our property in
full view of  Israeli soldiers who look on nonchalantly …last week they
re-enacted several Kristallnachts at Tel Rumeida,  (the night of broken
glass…referring to the acts of vandalism by Nazi youths against Jewish
property in Germany and Austria in November, 1939)," said Dr. Taysir
Zahdeh, who bore more than his share of "this Ath'ab" or  "torment."

"They think they can break our will by adopting these Nazi-like tactics
against us…but they are mistaken…we will not leave our homeland no matter
what…we withstood 33 years of their holocaust against us, and we can
withstand more torment …but at the end they will be consumed by their own
evil." (end)

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