Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

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B> << aa) in light of the fact that
B>  the Yugoslav revolution is quite recent >>
B> It's really important to provide substantial evidence before one spaks
B> of working class revolution.

B>               For example, who were the  leaders of the Oct. 5
B> "revolution?"

   When I spoke of the socialist revolution in Yugoslavia, I meant
obviously -- calm down and look at the context -- the revolution which
led to the formation of a workers state in Yugoslavia, in the 1940ies.

B> Cacak's mayor led the "working class" assault on parliament (the
B> Yugoslav Bastille?) During last year's bombing he gave statements to
B> the AP (confirmed) and Voice of America (probably) that the Serbs used
B> civilians as human shields  When Prince Alexander went to Yugoslavia
B> recently he trotted right over to Cacak where he was reverently
B> embraced by Mayor Ilic.

   The most outspoken monarchist in Yugoslavia happens to be Vuk
Draskovic, who was in a coalition government with the Milosevic family
and who stayed out from the DOS grouping.

   I leave aside the rest of your diatribe. You have a very narrow
view of things from over there, you are too much worried by the fate
of the Milosevic gangster clique and their comptitors, while
socialists look at the working class how it is struggling to recover
its independence.

   The question for you remains: which side are you on? With the
Yugoslav working people against imperialism, independently of their
leadership, or with the Milosevic nationalist gangster clique against
the Yugoslav people?

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