Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism

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Wed Oct 25 14:10:45 MDT 2000

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> >> CB: What is the disagreement that is being discussed at length ?

Excuse me, but as someone who just joined this list, and doesn't know all
the players or their history, I must say I am a little astonished by this
whole discussion. I have yet to see anyone place the discussion in its
historical context. Back in the late 1940s (I think, I'm at work, so I
don't have the books with me) Maurice Dobb wrote a book called Studies in
the Development of Capitalism. After it came out, it was followed by a very
lively debate among Marxist historians and economists about when, where and
how capitalism emerged in Europe, and the relative weight to be given to
internal vs. external factors. The debate took place in a variety of



CB: Thanks for this review. However,


 I don't mean to offend
anyone, but I never subscribed to the view that considering oneself a
Marxist was a license to express a categorical opinion on any subject,
regardless of the extent of one's knowledge of it.


CB: Don't you think this standard would have knocked out most of the working class
from emphatically favoring socialist revolution in all the countries that have had
them ?

Also, the debate is about what happened in history, not necessarily about what every
last person who participated in the 50 year debate had to say about it.

There's a sort of Levellers' freedom of speech in e-mail that differentiates it from
being published elsewhere.

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