Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Oct 25 10:22:27 MDT 2000

>   The question for you remains: which side are you on? With the
>Yugoslav working people against imperialism, independently of their
>leadership, or with the Milosevic nationalist gangster clique against
>the Yugoslav people?

Wait, just a second. Jared and I spoke last night on the phone and we came
up with a revolutionary program for Yugoslavia and all of Europe:

1. Down with the nationalist gangster clique.

2. For workers committees organized democratically.

3. Workers defense guards armed properly with submachine guns, hand
grenades, blackjacks and everything else necessary to ward off the
nationalist gangster clique.

4. Nationalize the means of production, create a monopoly on foreign trade,
institute economic planning at the highest level. If these economic
measures are still in place, overthrow them so they can be carried out all
over again without any Stalinist corruption or malfeasance.

5. Export the revolution: for a new Red Army of Yugoslavia to carry the
fight into Germany. Down with the Greens! Down with the Social Democrats!
Seize the means of production and carry out the Spartacist Bund program of
1919. Luxemburg and Liebknecht shall be redeemed!

6. Rebuild the Fourth International! Make the revolutionary writings of
Leon Trotsky available to the toiling masses worldwide, except of course in
cases where this violates copyright laws.

7. Roll back the number of hours permitted for commercials during network
television broadcasting. If I hear another ad for breakfast cereal during
the World Series, I will blow up the Empire State Building myself.

8. Adequate funding for heartburn research. I can't enjoy a god-damned
pastrami sandwich anymore. Burp! Excuse me.

9. Reunite New Zealand and Australia.

10. Free Leonard Kaplan.

Louis Proyect
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