Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

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LP> Wait, just a second. Jared and I spoke last night on the phone and we
LP> came up with a revolutionary program for Yugoslavia and all of
LP> Europe:

   Nice joke. You forgot to mention the "socialist Balkan federation",
which is a must and the distinguishing mark for anybody coming out of
the trotskyist tradition, as in:

Neither Milosevic nor Kostunica, but a working class alternative!

No to capitalism! For a socialist Yugoslavia!

For a Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia, under the democratic control
and administration of the working people

For a democratic Balkan Socialist Federation!

Alan Woods and Ted Grant,
London, 6th October,2000

   But coming back to serious matters, it is just this revolution-
mongering and rrrrrrrrradical phraseology which I reject. Be calm and
dont panic.

   The point is, that the workers in Yugoslavia can only act in the
existing framework and won't jump over stages, although it may be
faster than all those Milosevices and Kostunicas ever dare to think.

   The conquests of the Yugoslav revolution will only be defended by
the working masses, by nobody else, especially not by those people who
send the police and army against the working class.

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