The MIA, the Barnesites and Trotsky

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LW>>  >>Also please note, that Pathfinder Press does not claim to own the
LW>>  copyright to Trotsky's writings, but to their own translations. The
LW>>  copyright to Trotsky's writings is owned by the heir of Marguerite
LW>>  Bonnet.<<
JGP> I'll write more extensively about the broader Pathfinder issues, but
JGP> for now, what you raise here is a distinction without a difference
JGP> for our purposes. Pathfinder has either paid for or otherwise
JGP> obtained the rights to publish these works in English from the
JGP> holder of the copyright over the original works.. The copyright in a
JGP> translation of a work is derivative from and subordinate to the
JGP> copyright of the original work, assuming the original is still
JGP> copyrighted.

   There is a copyright on a translation even if the original work
being translated is no longer copyrighted.

    For example anybody who translates Shakespeare to German nowadays
has a copyright on his translation, or anybody who translates Marx or
Engels into English (when the original work has not yet been written
in English) owns a copyright on this translation.

    Maybe that a copyright is forfeited when the translator did not
respect the copyright of the original work, but I'm not sure of that.

JGP> Also, just out of curiosity, how did the control of the copyrights
JGP> wind up with Marguerite Bonner and heirs?

   Frankly, I don't know. I think Trotsky's wife had a hand in this,
but I really don't know for sure. I relied on the people who did the
German editions of Trotsky.

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