Workers assert themselves in Yugoslava

Owen Jones owen_jones at
Wed Oct 25 15:54:27 MDT 2000

 Hold up. We haven't finalised a party name yet. We were considering the
International Revolutionary Bolshevik Communist Proletarian Socialist
(PBT(BT(TTS(LLB(TGF))))) Orthodox Trotskyist Organisation for a New
International (22nd Internationalist) Party for World Revolution Tendency,
though of course this has yet to be finalised with the provisional central
committee, whose members are so far myself, my next door neighbour's pet dog
Growler, some drunken bloke from down the pub who agreed to our programme,
and this fabulous woman I met in my dream. We are still considering
membership for Tweety the budgie.


> We do? Did you start a new revolutionary party? Good luck. Send me an
> application at:
> Box 700
> Columbia University
> New York, NY 10027
> ps. I will absolutely not do newspaper sales at plant gates, especially in
> the morning. Been there, done that.

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