A Modest Request (was Re: copyright, the Barnesites etc)

David Altman altman_d at SPAMhotmail.com
Wed Oct 25 18:25:07 MDT 2000

Phil Ferguson wrote:
>I found Mike Alewitz's email right on the money. I would probably find Mike
Alewitz's email on the money too, if I could read it!  I assume this was posted
to the list under someone else's name, as I don't believe Mike is a subscriber.
  Please, a modest request:  When forwarding a non-subscriber's message to this
list, PLEASE note in the subject line who the message is from and what it
concerns!  I don't have time to read every message that's posted here, and to
keep my email account from clogging, I go through the day's Inbox & delete the
messages on subjects I'm not interested in.  Since the Alewitz message was
apparently not noted in the subject line, I must have erased it.   Dave Altman

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