3rd Party Lament: Anyone Listening?

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October 25, 2000

3rd Party Lament: Anyone Listening?

It is a pretty safe bet that Mark J. Dunau is the only New York
candidate in the Senate race who has an organic salad at a Manhattan
restaurant named in his honor. He is without a doubt the only
candidate who lives in a barn where the bathroom has curtains for
walls and the guest quarters are known as the Love Shack. And he alone
sees political capital in boasting that Click and Clack of public
radio's "Car Talk" once broadcast a question about his old Suburban.

Mr. Dunau is the Green Party candidate for Senate, one of six people
other than Hillary Rodham Clinton and Representative Rick A. Lazio who
want to represent New York in the Senate. If Mrs. Clinton shared some
of Mr. Dunau's peculiarities - or, for that matter, embraced his
23-page manifesto, which calls for the legalization of marijuana, a
cap on credit card interest rates and a ban on spreading sewage sludge
on farmlands - it would be a sensation from Buffalo to Bombay.

But Mr. Dunau, 48, is a playwright- turned-organic-farmer, not a
first-lady- turned-top-dog-political-contender. Like the other
so-called third party candidates in the race, Mr. Dunau takes himself
seriously and is impatiently waiting for most other New Yorkers to do
the same.

"My issues of sustenance are dead on," Mr. Dunau said recently from
behind the wheel of his beat-up delivery truck, loaded with 24 coolers
of greens, roots and squash grown on his farm in Delaware County and
destined for restaurant and catering-service kitchens in Manhattan and
Brooklyn. "But I am dubious about whether I will have enough money for
a radio campaign. I've already borrowed $3,000 on a credit card at 9.9
percent interest."

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