Brenner, C. L. R. James, & José Carlos Mariátegui (was Re: Brenner Redux)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Oct 24 18:30:45 MDT 2000

>Labor that produces commodities that feed capital accumulation within a
>generalized system of commodity production and capital accumulation is not
>pre-capitalist, is not non-capitalist.  It is capitalist through and
>through. It
>is perhaps the archetypal capitalism.

Mat, with your definition, don't getting pregnant, bringing pregnancy
to term, giving birth, & raising kids count as "capitalist," since
these types of labor together produce a commodity -- labor power --
that produces surplus value?  I don't think, though, that your
definition helps us to understand the specificities of different
types of labor -- waged vs. un-waged, free vs. slave, domestic vs.
socialized, private vs. public, etc. -- under capitalism & particular
ways in which they are combined; the specificity of capitalism as
opposed to other modes of production; etc.


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