Pathfinder and the MIA

Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at
Thu Oct 26 10:31:39 MDT 2000

David Walters of the MIA has asked me to post this reply to Lüko Willms.
I have also sent it direct to Lüko.

Fraternally, Einde O'Callaghan


Yes, I wrote Pathfinder 3 months ago about the use of some of their
(Novak's introduction to The Case of Leon Trotsky). No reply (except
threat of a lawsuit.). About 18 months ago I wrote them twice asking for
of their Challange of the Left Opposition. No reply. The MEIA, our
predecessor, asked point blank to Pathfinder if it could work with
them...the reply from the Pathfinder rep was "absolutely not!". I called
them last week asking to meet with them this coming Monday since I will
in NY. No answer. Your turn....

The US, when a certified letter arrives from $350/hr Park Avenue New
lawyers, "amicable solution" it is secondary to the words "...we demand
immediatly...". It is supposed to be a threat, it was taken as a threat,
lawyers who looked at the letter said it was threat. It was a threat. WE
chose to repsond taking the high road...with "ammicable" reply from
either the lawyer or Pathfinder. Your turn.

The result, as Jose indicated in his first notice on this on the
list, is now the PROLIFERATION of web sites dedicated to the presenting
the proscribed works by Pathfinder. I suspect these will expand to
actual recent editions of some of their other works. What is the German
exprssion for "shooting yourself in the foot"?

David Walters,
Director, Marxists Internet Archive

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