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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Oct 26 14:47:25 MDT 2000

>>> furuhashi.1 at 10/25/00 05:42PM >>>
Yes, but that slavery became _historically essential_ to the
development of capitalism was _not_ a _preordained_ outcome.  It was
_not_ inevitable.  It was a _contingent_ outcome of _class struggles
in Europe, Africa, & the so-called New World_:


CB: It was not "preordained" , but it was an inherent tendency right from the
beginning in the complex of mandatory accumulation and maximization of accumulation of
surplus-value. It's contingent basis on class struggles in the colonies was
specifically a contingency on the colonizer capitalist class winning the struggle. If
the potential slaves had won the struggle, slavery would not have become part of
capitalism , and capitalism would not be capitalism, a major shift in world history.

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