Capitalism as slavery and colonialism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Oct 26 14:07:37 MDT 2000

>The view that the emergence of capitalist social relations _cannot_
>be explained by the growth of commerce & trade, slavery &
>colonialism, and/or neo-Malthusian factors _alone_ is _not_ the same
>as a "proposition that capitalism arose in England purely as a
>consequence of internal factors uninfluenced by colonialism and

I am sorry, Yoshie. I am going by what Ellen Meiksins wrote, not what you
believe. She is quite specific--and Ricardo has been backing this up on
PEN-L--that capitalism arose in rural England during the decline of
feudalism. It was tied to the emergence of tenant farming. It PRECEDED
colonialism and slavery. Read the passage from Woods that I just posted
here. It is VERY SPECIFIC. Maybe you are changing your mind about the kind
of extremism found in Wood's book (perhaps without having read it). That
would be a step forward and something I would applaud.

Louis Proyect
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