Capitalism as slavery and colonialism

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Jim Farmelant wrote:

> >I should say so!  Indeed, one could argue on >the basis of Brenner
> >and Carling that it was Europe's state of >relative barbarism in relation
> >to the East that made it more hospitable to the >development of
> >capitalism.

But the Eurocentric liberal historiography tells us that Europe was invaded
by *barbars* migrating from the East, forcing Europe into *dark* Middle Ages
and plundering its civilization. Even Weber explains in the _Agrarian
Sociology of Ancient Civilizations_  that the barbars (besides other things)
were responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire.

Does Brenner come to grips with this reading? No. He does not even bother to
mention in any of his works.

It seems that you are giving a very generous reading of Brenner here.




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