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Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Thu Oct 26 16:05:57 MDT 2000

>I still tend to regard the scandalous removal of Ellen Wood from the
>editorship of *Monthly Review* as one more example that important
>Marxist leaders tend to live too long. We need to develop an involuntary
>retirement program. There is of course no other book from the last 50
>years that could be cited in this respect. Ellen Wood is very nearly
>*the* voice of marxism in the English-speaking world.
>Carrol Cox

There was no scandal to it at all. As the Chronicles of Higher Education
pointed out, she refused to publish an article by John Bellamy Foster
honoring Paul Sweezy in the special birthday issue. You also can't rule out
the possibility that she also was not carrying out her job in organizing
humdrum editorial tasks associated with putting out a magazine. But then
again, I don't know that much about the inner workings of MR. The magazine
is in much better shape right now with John Bellamy Foster and Robert
McChesney, who at least thing that Paul Sweezy was a genuine Marxist rather
than some kind of "neo-Smithian". Finally, Carrol is correct on one score.
Monthly Review was hobbled by having Paul and Sweezy running the whole
operation when a change in leadership was called for. This in my opinion
explains the screw-up in publishing the LM book on science wars exactly at
the time that this cult-sect around Frank Furedi was openly announcing to
the British press that it was through with Marxism. This was around the
time when I began to break with Doug Henwood, who while professing Marxist
beliefs, was getting much too chummy with Jim Heartfield. When tensions
came to a boiling point on this list, you blew up at me for allowing a
"personal feud" with Doug Henwood to disrupt a solid Marxist working
relationship. Of course, within six months Doug had gone through his own
conversion and was telling everybody in cyberspace what was wrong with
Marxism from top to bottom, except when it was convenient for him to utter
Marxish verbiage in certain venues. Then, long after LM had dropped any
pretenses to being Marxist, Doug wrote an article for them castigating the
Marxist left. Only connect, Carrol, only connect.

Louis Proyect
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