Legend of Drunken Master

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Thu Oct 26 18:00:12 MDT 2000

> From: Louis Proyect
> gaffe-filled subtitles. Something like "I told you that my dragonfly
> praying stance was unbeatable" might appear in the subtitles as, "Now
> with the dragonfly you must now be beaten because of its stance of
> praying."
> Whatever it lost in translation, it gained in hearing Jackie Chan's real
> voice and the musical Chinese language.

Australia has SBS, a state-owned "ethnic" broadcasting network.  They have
added apparently accurate subtitles to a lot of films, including a lot of
Chan's.  In fact, they are pretty much responsible for my Hong Kong action
cinema addiction.

Sadly, I have only seen one of the "Once Upon a Time in China" films, but
it was truly wonderful.  The only slightly off-putting part was that the
flag of the Chinese patriots was, of course, the Nationalist (KMT) flag...

Alan Bradley
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