Brenner thread

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Oct 26 21:17:36 MDT 2000

I am calling a halt to this thread here. I have already asked Yoshie to not
automatically cc this list every time she answers me or whoever on PEN-L.
There are 300 people on this mailing list and except for Xxxx who seems
absolutely filled with loathing for Brenner, there seems nobody here--who
is not already on PEN-L--interested in the subject. Last month it cost me
$172 for Marxism list transmissions (I am considering moving to the Workers
World machine if this keeps on) and I don't need 25,000 bytes per day
crossposted from the Encylopedia Britannica or some academic website that
nobody reads, let alone comments on. Unlike PEN-L, the majority of people
on this list are working people--many in 3rd world countries--so unless the
discussion has some kind of direct relevance to the class struggle, we
should keep it on PEN-L which is filled with white American tenured
professors in their 50s who gobble this kind of arcane nonsense up like it
is going out of style.

Louis Proyect
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