Fed up?

Richard Fidler rfidler at SPAMcyberus.ca
Fri Oct 27 07:34:18 MDT 2000

I know I am not the only person on this list who is fed up with Lou's petulant
postings on the "Brenner debate", or Mine's ignorant cheer-leading for same.
Wise up, comrades, and stop wasting our time. The Brenner debate is a good one,
it's important, and I for one have been stimulated by some of the exchanges to
read up on it. (And I want to express my appreciation to Yoshie, in particular,
for making a serious effort to raise the intellectual level by supplying some
real content.)

If Lou, or Mine, or anyone else really thinks Brenner is as off-the-wall as they
apparently do, then why all the fuss, all the venom, all the "dyspepsia", etc.?
Relax, go watch a movie, Lou and write about something else. Mine, get on with
your Ph.D. dissertation (I hope it is not on Brenner). And Yoshie, Carrol,
Anthony, etc. keep on writing. Frankly, the Brenner (and Wood) that I have read
make a lot of sense to me. But now that I've seen some critiques, such as Lou's
original early postings, I'll go back and read further. I just got hold of the
Dobbs-Sweezy debate, where all this originates; it looks like a good read. But
maybe we should declare a truce soon, give everyone a chance to study some more,
and then resume it later, in a calmer atmosphere. It seems to be a topic that
crops up at intervals.

Richard Fidler
rfidler at cyberus.ca

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