Marx support Mr. Ralph Nader Effort

mike pearn mike at
Fri Oct 27 19:54:26 MDT 2000

Martin, lets update our books here and maintain principles as well. First it
was gyanananda who misquoted Marx as scripture and not I. Second your
statement that; "Workers do not need their own party, until their
consciousness has enabled them to grasp their political responsibilities as
a class" is incorrect in my view. It is the task of class concious
Socialists to relate to the state of working class conciousness as it is
today and to orient on any struggles that they can on that basis with the
strategic aim of constructing their own party. That would include orienting
on the Nader campaign to at least attempt to draw away from it some of the
youth attracted by Naders empty verbiage.

You write that; "If we are looking for a Social-Democratic force in the US,
it would appear to be in the form of the Green Party." well so far you do
not even have a single Green Party but instead this is a collection of
parochial petty bourgeois sects. Perhaps you might consider questioning the
need for a Social-Democratic party? Certainly in Europe we have benefitted
not at all from such parties as at every turn they have betrayed the workers
and acted as the executioners of the will of capital. And with regard to
Green parties being Social-Democratic you may wish to consider the petty
bourgeois program, leadership and composition of the German Green Party. A
party that merrily acts as as imperialist gendarme as its leader Joshka
Fischer presence in government so well testifies.

Yes I agree that there is no vanguard party in the USA and that this leaves
the Democrats to reap the support of the Trade Union bureaucracy. However I
note that one reason for the weakness of socialist organisation is the past
support of elements such as the CPUSA for Third Party candidates such as
Wallace which had the affect of corralling the unions into support for more
'liberal' democrats when these types rejoined that body. The electoral
orientation of socialists in America to the Nader campaign will hardly
advance the aim of building a vanguard but will inhibit it by shackling
labour to a section of the capitlait class.

Those Socialists such as the ISO who are calling upon their supporters to
vote union buster Nader simply reveal their own lack of good faith in their
own theoretical principles. They also reveal their greater interest in
recruitment of relatively privileged college students as they tail them in
supporting Nader. This orientation is also revealed when Martin writes; "The
issues that are being raised by the Green Party and the Nader campaign have
a lot to do with beginning to leave the shroud of the
 university". It may be a surprise to some but most workers in the USA are
not to be found on lily white campuses and are not bamboozled by post
modernism but are rather refusing to vote as their is no candidate that they
feel to be their own. That is there is no party that looks like the American
proletariat in its many colours and relates to them as workers. Nader and
the various Green parties relate to people as consumers or victims at best.

A vote for Nader is a vote for Capital.

Mike Pearn

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