Marx support Mr. Ralph Nader Effort

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Fri Oct 27 09:29:49 MDT 2000

If Karl Marx live today, he support Mr. Ralph
Nader 3rd party effort in U.S.A election. Proof
below. (Nader people should encourage by this.)

>From "Address to the Communist League" by Karl Marx
and F. Engels, March 1850. Marx and Engels talk about
Germany situation.

"That everywhere workers' candidates are put up
alongside the bourgeois-democratic candidates, that
they should consist as far as possible of members of
the League, and that their election is promoted by
all possible means. Even where there is no prospect
whatsoever of their being elected, the workers must
put up their own candidates in order to preserve their
independence, to count their forces, and to bring
before the public their revolutionary attitude and
party standpoint. In this connection they must not
allow themselves to be seduced by such arguments of
the democrats as, for example, that by so doing they
are splitting the democratic party and making it
possible for the reactionaries to win. The ultimate
intention of all such phrases is to dupe the
proletariat. The advance which the proletarian party
is bound to make by such independent action is
infinitely more important than the disadvantage that
might be incurred by the presence of a few
reactionaries in the representative body."

K. Marx and F. Engels in "Address to the Communist League", March 1850.

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