Fed up?

Richard Fidler rfidler at SPAMcyberus.ca
Sat Oct 28 07:43:45 MDT 2000

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I am also fed up with Lou's Trot-baiting.

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<<From: Louis Proyect < lnp3 at panix.com> Subject: RE: Fed up?

<<Nobody is going to do your homework for you. I have a 35 hour job just like
you. You and Anthony and whoever else have to visit your local library, read the
important texts, and make up your own mind. Perhaps you are spoiled by the way
things were done in the Trotskyist movement where party leaders did all the
research and gave reports to the rank-and-file that they could vote yea or nay
on. Marxism can not be built that way.>>

Richard Fidler
rfidler at cyberus.ca

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