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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Sat Oct 28 10:30:49 MDT 2000

>I have reconsidered the whole question of debating the Brenner
>thesis here. Just so everybody understands my "petulancy", I should
>mention that this is not the first time I have been in a debate
>around these questions. One go-round, I got thrown off PEN-L for a
>week. Since my anger had once again reached a boiling point on
>Friday night on PEN-L, I reacted on the Marxism list unfortunately.
>As should be obvious, there has been no discussion here on the
>Brenner debate. What has been happening is that Yoshie has been
>cc'ing this list with answers she is making on PEN-L. Since that
>leaves out much of the context, I resented that style of
>intervention. Instead of calmly and dispassionately calling her to
>order, I just blew up. If we are to have a debate here on these
>questions, I would only ask people to follow the following
>1. Do not crosspost from this list to PEN-L and vice versa
>2. Keep web-based material from the Encyclopedia Brittanica to a minimum.

Lou, I'd honor your rules, but allow me to explain the cross-postings
on the Brenner debate, capitalism & slavery, etc.  The Brenner debate
has taken place several times on different lists; and about a month
ago, I broached the same argument (as I am advancing now) for a
synthesis of Robert Brenner (& Co.) and Eric Williams (& Co.,
especially Jim Blaut) on this list.  Jim Blaut (as perhaps expected)
disagreed with me and kindly sent me a long essay of his on Brenner;
and Jim Farmelant recommended an Alan Carling essay in _Science &
Society_.  I read both, so I wanted to engage them in discussion;
however, at that time, my work time did not allow me to do so
immediately.  Therefore, I was revisiting the question with a view
toward developing my thesis in response to Jim B. & Jim F.

As for the context left out in my cross-postings from PEN-L, those
who are interested should visit the PEN-L archive at

A little while ago, a debate on Genovese took place on LBO-talk as
well; if anyone is interested, visit its archive at


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