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LW>    Acutally I read in the lawyer's letter the proposal to an
LW> "amicable solution".
LW>    Did you (David Walters, not Louis Proyect) approach Pathfinder
LW> Press a) before using their copyrighted material, b) after receiving
LW> this letter to find this "amicable solution"?

  Thanks for your convincing answer. It is a sad story

DW> About 18 months ago I wrote them twice asking for use
DW> of their Challange of the Left Opposition. No reply.

   Unfortunately this is the standard answer to anybody writing into
410 West Street, NY ...

DW>   I
DW> called them last week asking to meet with them this coming Monday
DW> since I will be
DW> in NY. No answer. Your turn....

   Probably somebody told you "We will come back to you", which is the
standard answer for phone calls, a promise which is rarely kept.

DW> The result, as Jose indicated in his first notice on this on the
DW> Marxmail
DW> list, is now the PROLIFERATION of web sites dedicated to the
DW> presenting of the proscribed works by Pathfinder.

   The "amicable solution" could habe been to propose: "when you put
something from our printed books on your website, put a link to our
webshop on the page so that people can order the printed version right
away. We will forward the order to one of our bookshops or a
distributor suited for the country of the purchaser."

    That is what I will propose to anybody approaching me for any such
problems (re

DW>                                                     What is the
DW> German exprssion for "shooting yourself in the foot"?
   Das war ein Schuß ins Knie.

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