Marx support Mr. Ralph Nader Effort

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Sat Oct 28 13:52:38 MDT 2000

Thanks Mike for your response.

   There is much about it that I can agree with. I accept your point that
the original quote was not in fact made by you. As to the role of the German
Greens in the sell-out to the NATO war of aggression, again I have to agree
with you and did so to the German Green Party at the time. As far as the
impact of not having a Social-Democratic Party in the US, that is hard to
gauge and I think that you may not appreiciate the difference that it does
make in the political process and the establishment of a political agenda.

   Since I have no favorite "left" parties your point on the ISO fails to
make an impression on me, as does your criticism of the CPUSA. It's all well
and good to criticize but you obscure the impact of McCarthyism on the
leadership of the trade unions in the US and the development of the New Left
as a political force in the sixties and seventies. One of these events
depleted the working class of class conscious leadership; the other
presented a new strata in the mass struggle against oppression.

   Regarding the issue of going beyond the campuses. This is an individual
observation and not necessarily a doctrine to others. The observation has
been based on what appears to me to have been a pattern over the last twenty
years in the country of making the "correct line" over every social question
a priority over the active engagement in the mass struggle. I wasn't trying
to say that workers are only to be found on college campuses. As to the
make-up of the Greens, there are in fact, very few young people who have
become engaged in the Green Party or the Nader campaign. It would be fair to
characterize the Greens as petty-bourgeois, but such a characterization
fails to make an impact on me at this time in face of the options available.

   It is true that the level of organization of the Green Party (ASGP and
GPUSA) are primitive and much remains to develop them into political parties
capable of engaging in and building a mass movement and a new political
direction. Fact is, latest news has it that seven Green city councilors in
Seattle, Washington resigned from the party to  avoid being "spoilers" for
Bush. Obviously such an action reflects poorly on the consciousness of Green
candidates and office holders.

   I do have many questions regarding this election and the current
situation in the US; but I do feel confident that the Nader campaign at
least provides a context for discussion in this country of issues such as
mass incarcerations, police murders, the Drug war, NAFTA, the role of trade
unions, the resegregation of the US, marginalization of large segments of
people here and around the world and other issues that are not even being
discussed by others.

   Mike, I appreciate your feedback and with the principaled manner in which
you responded. I have no problem disagreeing with you where I do and
agreeing with you where I do. There is concern here by some that as the
character of the class war from above becomes more brutal, there are less
and less forces capable of sustaining an independent resistance from below.

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