Nader and working class

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Sat Oct 28 14:15:22 MDT 2000

Lou, One thing I don't think that you are getting is that this is not just
about changing people's minds. It's about stopping the political schemes
against the people of this country and the world. It's about instituting
policies that promote peace and development over militarization and
segregation. It's about finding ways of developing the people's movement so
that they can win battles along the way. I have no problem with anything
that you are saying except that in the context of who is making the
decisions now and what the options being presented are there appears to be
not much in the way of choices. Theories about a step by step conversion of
the working class have to begin to respond to the current political and
economic realities. If there is going to be change it can only come from
those willing to become so engaged. And if our present map does not provide
adequate answers to address the problems confronting us then it's our
responsibility to develop new strategies and tactics that will.

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