Johansen on Brenner debate

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 28 14:29:52 MDT 2000

I'm not finding that caliber of contribution here, although I'm not at all sure what
Proyect is getting at.  And what is PEN-L? I'm new here.

And I'm seeing little if anything in these postings connecting the very basic concept
of the creation of surplus value to the whole issue of the nature of capital and the
issue of slavery.  Am I inviting a flaming?

Ralph Johansen


No, you are not inviting a flaming. What you are inviting
is a request to spell out your ideas. You have introduced
big questions, such as the creation of surplus value and
its relationship to slavery. Now please go ahead and
tell us what you have in mind. Les Schaffer explained to you
how to post to the list, but let me remind you. Since you
are a digest subscriber, your best bet is not to reply
to the digest, but to create a new message addressed to
marxism at

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