Brennerian acrimony

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Sat Oct 28 15:25:48 MDT 2000

I wish the discussion of the Brenner thesis and its ramifications could
proceed without the vicious personal attacks and volatile expletives
that I've seen whipped about on this list.  Having worked on
construction sites across North America I will say that if one spoke
this way to a fellow worker one would be uttering what are known as
"fighting words."  We are supposed to be comrades.  We bemoan our
outcast state(s!) as Marxists yet we reproduce the same vituperation
that split us through a century of principled dissent.  Problem: the
principles became micro over macro and that is anti-Marxist,
anti-dialectical and anti-revolutionary.  Our enemies saw us divided and
conquered us.
Please debate constructively.
When you shoot your mouth off you shoot yourself in the foot,
i.e., then ol' Foot'n'Mouth syndrome...
Chris Brady

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