"The Brenner Debate" or Something Else? was, Re: How Should Marxists Characterize Chattel Slave Labor?

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sat Oct 28 15:33:24 MDT 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> I hope you'll
> >lift the ban on cross-postings between PEN-L and this list, for it
> >discourages us from fully developing the debate with all the voices'
> >inputs.
> >
> >LP: I might lift the ban when you stop evading the big questions and
> >papering over differences.

Some clarification here. I have not, in fact, participated in whatever it
is that Lou (incorrectly I believe) wants to call the Brenner Debate. I
have *used* the occasion provided by this whole cluster of threads
(wrongly conceived by Lou to be *one* thread) to explore how Marxists do
or should attempt to define issues. *All* my interventions have been
either directly or indirectly (at least when they didin't, as some posts
always do, misfire) concerned with trying to define what the actual issues
are or should be. And in so far as I have attacked Lou (or his ideas) the
claim I have made is that *he* is evading the big issues and wrapping them
in a cloud of irrelevant empirical data. *Before* empirical data can even
*be* empirical data (and not mere mumbling to oneself) there has to be
agreement on *what* kind of empirical data is called for. Lou, so far as I
can tell, has been unwilling to even try to understand what I am getting


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