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Sat Oct 28 15:06:58 MDT 2000

I wonder the same thing, Jay.  Furthermore, the CIA is to release even
evidence of their own perfidy on that website you cited on Nov.13 (as if
we already know was not enough). Stay tuned.
Chris Brady
P.S.: I add below the report about the release from the NY Times.
Sorry I did not save the URL, but the text is as printed. --cb

"Jay Moore" <research at> wrote:
READ the CIA's own report of their activities in overthrowing Allende:
WHEN will the imperialist criminals... stand trial for their crimes?

   from the NY Times:

C.I.A. Chief Agrees to Release Documents on Chile

In NYT 24 Oct. 2000
WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 — George J. Tenet, the director of central
intelligence, has agreed to release several hundred documents related
to United States covert operations in Chile in the years around the 1973

military coup that ousted President Salvador Allende, officials said

Mr. Tenet, who last summer tried to block the release of about 700
secret documents from the Central Intelligence Agency and other
agencies, has agreed to free up all but two dozen of them, although many

of the papers may be heavily censored, officials said.

The documents, which are scheduled to be released on Nov. 13, are part
of a declassification project ordered by President Clinton last year to
light on human rights abuses, terrorism and other acts of political
in Chile between 1968 and 1990. The C.I.A. promoted efforts to topple
Allende, a Socialist, and included leaders of the succeeding military
government among its informants.

Mr. Tenet in August overruled his own declassification experts and
to withhold about 450 C.I.A. documents and 250 documents from other
government agencies on the grounds that they would reveal too much about

how the agency conducts its business worldwide. But he then agreed to an

additional review of the papers by members of the White House and the
State Department.

Bill Leary, the White House official who led that review, today
that Mr. Tenet and the national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger, had
agreed to release "virtually all" of the documents in question.

Copyright 2000 The New York Times Company

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