How Should Marxists Characterize Chattel Slave Labor?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 28 16:41:52 MDT 2000

_A clear difference_ exists, in that the Brenner camp regards local class struggles &
relations as the crucial determinant in an explanation of the _emergence_ of
capitalist social relations while the Williams camp focuses on the accumulation of
surplus (especially absolute surplus through chattel slavery) in the _development_ of
capitalism, especially of the so-called Industrial Revolution.  The former emphasizes
that the incorporation into the world market without the development of free labor
tends to have a regressive effect on local class structures as well as economic
development, just as Mariategui does.



Why do you highlight _emergence_? Emergence conveys the seed
of something, while Woods takes pain to describe a fully
mature "agrarian capitalism" in 15th century England. This would be like me saying
that my sperm takes after his father.

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