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Sat Oct 28 15:40:40 MDT 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >I do _not_ encourage anyone on any list to "line >up" with Robert
> >Brenner or Ellen Wood or Eric Williams or Jim >Blaut or anyone else
> >for that matter & accept their views lock, stock, >& barrel.

In order to have a synthesis, we need to clarify the differences.

> <I'm
> >advancing _my own synthesis_, which I urge >everyone to adopt, in the
> >interest of defending _the essence of historical >materialism_ against
> >empiricism of the Annales School, world >systems theory,
> >post-modernism, post-colonialism, new >historicism, neo-Malthusianism,
> >etc.  :)

Yoshie, these theories are  ALL problematic in their own terms. What is
most *relevant* to the issue at stake here is Brenner's distortion of
Marx's historical materialism. Brenner is *not* a Marxist. Here is a
revisionist using a Marxian verbiage. Let's deal with this issue first
instead of discussing Annales school.

> >Getting stuck with aporias & antinomies is >unlike you & in fact
> >should be beneath you, Lou.  I've told the same >to Doug Henwood in my
> >criticism of his fondness for "ambivalence."  >You and Doug, on this
> >un-dialectical tendency, resemble each other; >perhaps this is just

> >As Xxxx Xxxxx
> >Doylan kindly posted an essay by Lenin against >revisionism, I'll make
> >use of his words here:

Thanks for the kind words indeed. I posted Lenin's piece to make a point
about the revisionism of Brenner's thesis (and Analytical Marxist school
in general).

My last name is Xxxxxx not Doylan, btw.


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