Continuing with the Brenner debate

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 28 18:19:07 MDT 2000

Jim Farmelant:
I think that Yoshie has already made an effort to thrash out such a synthesis.  Such a
synthesis will of course have to be thrashed
out through argument and debate but that is the way dialectics works.

LP: Really? She has completely ignored my 10,000 word analysis of
Brenner, and has ignored Blaut's critique as well. When Marx,
Luxemburg, Lenin or Trotsky debated their opponents, it was
unheard of for them to pretend that something Bakunin, Bernstein,
Kautsky or Burnham wrote did not exist. This kind of willful
denial of what other people take the trouble to write seems
to effectively amount to running away from a debate.

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