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Please, give me a break. What have Jim Devine and Mat Forstater got to do with the
discussion here? They are not even on the list. They belong to PEN-L. If people want
to subscribe to PEN-L to learn Jim and Mat's ideas, that is fine. Why do you insist on
cross posting to the list?
Don't you see that this discourages people from fully discussing the problems with
Brenner's thesis.

The last time I read Jim Devine's post, it was like an introduction to Marxist theory,
making points like "society is divided into 2 classes". I don't think that Marxists on
this list need to be instructed on the A, B, C 's  of Marxism. We need discussion
grounded on the concrete
realities of living societies (Spain, for example).


> P.P.S.  I'm cc'ing this to Jim Devine & Mat Forstater, since they are not here to
>participate in the continuing debate.  I hope you'll lift the ban on cross-postings
>between PEN-L and this list, for it discourages us from fully developing the debate
>with all the voices' inputs.



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