[PEN-L:3513] Re: Re: Capitalism as slavery and colonialism

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Wed Oct 25 19:30:28 MDT 2000

There is a mystery of sorts here. I can think of hardly a single contemporary
political issue on which Lou and I do not agree. But on this issue, it seems to
me, Lou cannot help but make a total horse's ass of himself, as when he says,
"Robert Brenner believed that capitalism was born in rural England in the 16th
century. Unlike any other country in the world, Merrie Old England happened
upon a more efficient and productive system of food production up to that
point: private property." If I were not well acquainted with Lou and knew it
wasn't true, I would really believe that what he needed was a high school level
course in remedial reading. This resembles the actual position of Brenner or
Yoshie or me or Jim Farmelant about as much as Al Gore's face resembles Greta

Come on Lou -- stop playing the clown.


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