Continuing with the Brenner debate

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Oct 29 09:06:23 MST 2000

BTW, if Lou would like me to undertake an original research of
primary documents instead of secondary sources (because that is what it would take to
fulfill Lou's request above), write an essay with footnotes & a bibliography, and
publish it here, he had better place the same burden on all the posters, including

LP: This shows we are not getting anywhere. I seem to recall
writing a 3,000 word discussion of articles from the book
on the Brenner controversy, with an extended discussion of
the differences between the French peasantry and the English.
I also included discussion of articles on the Junkers and
the Meiji restoration. The article was similar to the ones I
have written for Science and Society, Organization and
Environment and the Journal of Economic Historical Thought.
More to the point, Jim Blaut has posted his article on Brenner
to the list multiple times as well as sending you a copy
personally. This article is a frontal attack on the Brenner
thesis. You have never responded to it. This is not how
Marxist debate takes place. This kind of willful evasion is
antithetical not only to Marxist traditions, but the Brenner
debate itself. I know it is dry as a bone stuff, Yoshie, but
the burden of proof is on you to show the list why Brenner's
thesis holds up against its critics across the board. Up till
now you have been proceeding as if it has been proven. To
conduct yourself in that manner is dogmatic.

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