An invitation to Yoshie

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Oct 29 01:51:30 MDT 2000

Hi Lou:

>I implore you to refrain from the style of debate that marks
>LBO-Talk and PEN-L where people feel free to offer up opinions
>on everything in the world with very little scholarly substance.
>Please try to carve out the time to organize your thoughts on
>the subject. Right now we are going around in circles. Don't you
>think the 300 subscribers on this mailing list living in the
>four corners of the world deserve better?

I'm sorry to hear that you see "very little scholarly substance" in
my posts here.  Whether your evaluation is correct, I'll leave it up
to those who have read my posts here and/or PEN-L to determine (I
suppose that you can count on Mine to agree with you).  In my
opinion, I have offered my reading of Brenner supported by textual
evidence from his own works in question, other Marxists' views,
historical research on slavery, etc., and I have not seen anyone
challenge it with counter-evidence to show otherwise.

BTW, as I have said many times & I am beginning to be weary of
repeating it, what I am doing here is _not_ to present a defense of
every part of all the works by Brenner.  Far from it.  I see his
works as containing important partial truths, which I have
synthesized with partial truths from other scholars' works.


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