An invitation to Yoshie

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Sun Oct 29 12:03:07 MST 2000

Dear Mine & Lou:

>Jim Blaut has been on this list and he still is. He has posted his
>critique to the list and sent you a copy. Why do you keep ignoring him?
>Don't you think he is worth answering?

I hate to needlessly emphasize _minor disagreements_ with Marxists
who, in my -- as well as general -- estimation, have accomplished
much good works intellectually & politically (you know I don't like
sectarians, who despise those who are politically closest to
themselves more than capitalists).  In my approach, I would rather
highlight _agreements_ with him: e.g., on the "tunnel vision" of much
of Anglo/Euro/American scholarship; on the criticism of
"Eurocentrists," liberal or Hegelian-Marxist, who think of the
so-called "non-European" world as lacking in autonomous historical
development; on the criticism of "environmental determinism"; on a
very little difference in economic development until perhaps the
so-called Industrial Revolution between the so-called Europeans and
the so-called non-Europeans: "China did not stagnate in the late
Middle Ages: Chinese development continued without interruption, and
Europe did not outdo China in technology, in the development of
market institutions, and indeed in the ordinary person's standard of
living, until perhaps the later 18th century," Jim Blaut,
"Environmentalism and Eurocentrism," _Geographical Review_
89(3):391-408, July 1999 (published April 2000) at
<>; and so on and
so forth.  Besides, Jim is severely ill, from what I hear from Lou on
the list.

Moreover, my approach to this subject of the _origins &
transformation_ of capitalism, colonialism, & slavery is to
synthesize the _partial truths_ from all sides (Robert Brenner, Eric
Williams, C. L. R. James, José Carlos Mariátegui, Perry Anderson, Jim
Blaut, etc.), instead of focusing on partial untruths of all sides.

Now that you two really, really insist (though I don't know why you
do), I've written a post highlighting where I differ from Jim; see
the following post:

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P.S.  An apology to Mine for misspelling her last name the other day.
Thanks anyway, though, for her posting Lenin's essay criticizing
neo-Kantians, etc.  I enjoyed the essay very much.

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