Continuing with the Brenner debate

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Oct 29 14:17:49 MST 2000

>BTW, if Lou would like me to undertake an original research of
>primary documents instead of secondary sources (because that is what
>it would take to fulfill Lou's request above), write an essay with
>footnotes & a bibliography, and publish it here, he had better place
>the same burden on all the posters, including himself.
>LP: This shows we are not getting anywhere. I seem to recall
>writing a 3,000 word discussion of articles from the book
>on the Brenner controversy, with an extended discussion of
>the differences between the French peasantry and the English.
>I also included discussion of articles on the Junkers and
>the Meiji restoration. The article was similar to the ones I
>have written for Science and Society, Organization and
>Environment and the Journal of Economic Historical Thought.

Now, as for your essays on Brenner, the main reason why I did not
reply when they were initially posted is that I had my Eudora crash
on me, thus losing messages in In Box.  Now I finally found them in
your archive, and I wish simply to say that I agree with Carrol Cox &
James Farmelant (see the thread on "Answering the Brenner Thesis" at


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