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Didn't I ask you to not do this? If you have an 8,000 byte bunch of prose
that you want people to read to help make up their minds on Brenner, just
sum it up in a paragraph and include the URL.

As it turns out, the author you are citing seems to have absolutely no
connection to Marxism, let alone progressive politics, based on a
superficial glance at other chapters. He writes, "Among his many
accomplishments, Henry is best known for the expeditions he sent from 1420
to explore the coast of Africa. These voyages mark the beginning of
continuous ocean sailing. In the process the Portuguese began the slave
trade. While Henry was interested in the conversion of the captured African
natives to Christianity, others were interested only in the profits to be
made from them. With the discovery of gold as well, the continued support
of African exploration was assured after Henrys death, when men with less
noble motives would have to carry on his work. The last of Henrys voyages
(though it actually did not take place until after the princes death)
reached a point somewhere on the coast of what is now Liberia. Though
others were to go much farther, it was Henrys work that laid the
foundation. He is considered the greatest figure in his country’s history,
just as the voyages to which he gave the decisive impulse are Portugal’s
most memorable achievement."

If this author is capable of such moronic garbage, I tend to doubt if his
analysis of Spain is worth a donkey's fart.

Yoshie, I wish you would spend less time surfing the web and more time in
the library at Ohio State. It is more convenient to grab a bunch of text
from some webpage and dump it into the list without any kind of preparation
or context, but sometimes reflection and further analysis is better.

Louis Proyect
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