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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Oct 29 20:31:59 MST 2000

>Well, you can ignore garbage in non-Marxist sources while picking up
>the useful points, can't you?
>Even if you turn to Marxist historians, the _primary & secondary
>sources_ that they use to create their interpretations are _seldom
>ever_ produced by Marxists (for the simple reason that there have
>been & are & will be few Marxist & even leftist scholars, given the
>social relations of capitalism).

Sorry, Yoshie. My mind's made up on this one. I should mention by the way
that the other ground rule seems moot at this point, since Michael
Perelman, who has the patience of a saint, announced to PEN-L that the
debate on Wood/Brenner is finished. He was tired of people rummaging around
in the 15th century when there are more important things to discuss right
now, like the economic situation. I suspect that our debate will be wrapped
up pretty soon as well. My suggestion to you is to work on a summary of
your thoughts rather than scurrying around in cyberspace trying to find
material of dubious value to begin with.

Louis Proyect
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