Ellen Meiksins Wood versus Karl Marx

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Sun Oct 29 20:51:01 MST 2000

>Very good points, Louis. That's the way I read Marx. What do you reckon
>"essential factors" means in Wood's writing if they are not "primary
>Andrew Austin
>Green Bay, WI

It only means that the possession of a great empire _alone_ does _not
necessarily_ cause the capitalist social relations to emerge in a way
that expands the home market & develops the home industry.
Otherwise, it would be a great mystery why the ancient Athenian &
Roman empires did not give rise to capitalism; why the Italian
city-states declined; why the Portuguese & Spanish empires became
eclipsed; why the Netherlands could not keep pace with the rise of
the British empire; etc.

Enclosure did help make an initial but crucial difference.  Hence
"Pax Britannica" -- before the British empire, too, fell behind the

Enclosure & enslavement were dialectical twins.  Synthesize Ellen
Wood & Eric Williams, and then you will make a properly knowing
return to Karl Marx.


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