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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Oct 29 20:10:26 MST 2000

>Well, what happened to your fondness for Lexis-Nexis searches from
>which great deals of materials from non-Marxist & non-progressive
>sources on the web have been posted here?

I am just as fond as them as I always have been. When I get to my desk
tomorrow, I will do a search on "Yugoslavia" since I received an urgent
call from Jared about economic changes taking place there. And invite you
to do the same on any other topic than the one under debate.

But for the purpose of the Brenner debate, I have made special ground
rules. In my opinion as list owner, you are dumping garbage into this list
because you don't have the patience to check the background of the authors
you are copying and pasting from. In one case, you cited some obscure
academic whose characterization of Spain was couched in words that if
applied to some country like Turkey or Egypt could only be described as
Orientalism in Said's terms. It was bullshit about Spain's "psyche"
suffering irreparable damage because of the plague. I am really depressed
that somebody as smart as yourself wouldn't think twice about posting
worthless junk like that. And just now you copy and pasted some crapola
about the impact of silver and gold on Spain written by somebody who
believes that King Henry was more interested in saving heathen souls in
Africa than in profit. Give me a fucking break. I got a job as a computer
programmer rather than working on a PhD so I wouldn't be forced to read
junk like this.

Louis Proyect
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