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Municipal and state wide elections were4 held
throughout Colombia today.

The most significant fact about these elections was
that the FARC, the ELN, and the AUC (paramilitaries)
all tacitly supported candidates of the legal
political organizations.

36 Mayoral candidates were assasinated however, prior
to the elections. Almost all of them by the
paramilitaries. Other candidates for mayor and city
councils (between 100 and 200 by my very rough
estimate) withdrew from fear of assasination or

While these numbers are alarming, they are significant
less than in recent elections.

Most intersting about the election results: the
Conservative Party of President Andres Pastrana was
wiped off of the map in departmental and municipal
elections. Not a single new mayor or governor is a
member of his party, and very few members of city
councils are.

The Pastrana adminnistration has totally discredited
the Conservative Party on two counts: 1) although it
was elected as a reaction against the corruption of
the previous lLiberal Party administration of Ernesto
Samper, it has proven to be even more corrupt; and 2)
although it was elected with the defacto endorsement
of the FARc, and the promise of peace, there is no

The real Conservatives have hidden themselves under
the guise of "Independents" like the new mayor of
Bogota Antonus Mockus. The "Independents here are
something like the "progress" movement of the early
20th century USA - clean government types. What they
mean by clean government is less brbery at the lower
levels of govenrment, and more contracts for their
friends at the higher levels of government. Taking
their cue from government contractors in the first

The Liberal Party - the real majority in Colombia -
has heightened its rhetoric about builidng a "social
democratic movement" in Colombia.

And in San Vicente de Caguan - the capital of
FARClandia - the FARc did not run a candidate for
mayor. The candidate fo the Independent "Oxigen"
movement - very anti-FARC - beat the Liberal Party

Marxism needs to learn from Magic Realism.


Louis Proyect
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