Italy, Holland, & Britain: Rural Industry & Imperialism

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Sun Oct 29 20:17:40 MST 2000

>The quote machine sayeth:
>>*****   The decline of the traditional centres of the Italian wool
>>industry starts around 1600 and is indisputable some decades into the
>>new century.  The Castilian wool industry stagnated from about the
>>end of the sixteenth century, but there seems to have been no
>>question of a real depression until the middle of the seventeenth
>>century.  The Catalan industry seems to have been in difficulties
>>from about 1620.
>One of the co-authors (Geoffrey Parker) you are quoting seems best known as
>a military historian, according to what I could find in JSTOR. He couldn't
>possibly supply the kind of information dug up by Spanish "revisionist"
>historians collected in "The Castilian Crisis of the 17th Century" I
>referred to the other day. Now that I have had a chance to read the whole
>thing, I will prepare a longish post on the question of Spanish decadence
>and make sure to cc the wretched Anglocentrics, Wood and Brenner.
>In actuality, the Castilian wool industry declined in the final quarter of
>the 17th century, but grew larger than ever in the 18th century. For
>example, wool exports in 1760 to 1769 was 5,108 tons while in
>1561-1569--prior to the collapse--it was only 4,025 tons. The rise and fall
>of the Spanish wool industry can not be simply correlated with agrarian
>class relations, but I can't imagine that making any difference to the
>quote machine.
>Louis Proyect
>Marxism mailing list:

Ah, yes, it is indeed a great mystery that finally the great Spanish
empire declined & the British empire rose.  Must be the work of
Providence.  :)  BTW, the author of the article above ("The
Seventeenth-Century Crisis") is *Niels Steensgaard* (written with no
co-author).  Geoffrey Parker is a co-editor of the book _The General
Crisis of the Seventeenth Century_ in which the article is included.

Now, are the Spanish "revisionist" historians whose works you are
reading Marxist?  An inquiring mind wants to know.  :)


P.S.  Here's info on Geoffrey Parker:
P.P.S.  The way you are wishing to disprove the rise of rural
agriculture & industry in England might eventually lead you to
military history, climactic history, neo-Malthusianism, etc.  So, you
may not want to knock on Parker.  :)

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