Is Trade Productive?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Oct 30 00:41:25 MST 2000

 From David Welch to Lou Paulsen:

>It seems there are two different arguments here. The first is that
>characterizing certain types of labour as unproductive would lead
>communists to ignore the struggles of those engaged in those types of
>labour. Of course if Marxist economics is used to construct a taxonomy of
>victimhood under capitalism then it would seem reasonable to rejuggle the
>various categories to include obviously exploited groups, housewives being
>another contemporary example. I would argue that a better alternative is
>to abandon the attempt to derive tactics directly from theory altogether.

Moreover, in practice, it seems clear that those who agree on theory
do not necessarily agree on tactics, and vice versa, for better or


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