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Thu Oct 26 08:56:15 MDT 2000

>As late as the seventeenth century, and even much later, most of the world,
>including Europe, was free of the market-driven imperatives outlined here.
>A vast system of trade certainly existed, by now extending across the
>globe. But nowhere, neither in the great trading centers of Europe nor in
>the vast commercial networks of the Islamic world or Asia, was economic
>activity, and production in particular, driven by the imperatives of
>competition and accumulation. The dominant principle of trade everywhere
>was "profit on alienation," or "buying cheap and selling dear"-typically,
>buying cheap in one market and selling dear in another.

Guess which parts of the world are missing from the paragraph above. The
winner gets treated to dinner by me at the Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
in New York City.

Louis Proyect
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