A reply to Pathfinder's critics

Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at SPAMplanet-interkom.de
Mon Oct 30 00:47:06 MST 2000

I've been asked to post this by Xxxzx Xyyxyz of teh Marxists' Internet

Jose, it is not a matter of dollars and cents -- as if by charging x
amount PathFinder is somehow "bourgeois", but when charging x - 2,
PathFinder is non-bourgeois. Being bourgeois is about property
ownership. PathFinder claims Trotsky's writings are their property, and
they use this property for running a business.

The interests of running a business invariably CONFLICT with the
interests of educating the working class. PathFinder's  buisness
are hopeless in the long run becuase we publish Marxist material for
free, but being shortsighted, they hope to prevent the free spread of
information (which is always a benefit to the working class) to
their crumbling business.


Xxxzx Xyyxyz
Marxists Internet Archive Director

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