Capitalism as slavery and colonialism

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Oct 26 00:25:55 MDT 2000


>Because everybody was out in the countryside wasting time
>and resources, the cities of France and Spain remained teeny-weeny. Well,
>anyhow, that's the story. But perhaps there's another explanation, like a
>plague that wipes out 90 percent of the population in the towns of Castile.

Is your argument that, but for the plague, Spain would have remained
the foremost empire (vanquishing the Dutch & the British); retained &
expanded its hegemony over the so-called New World; & been the first
to undergo the so-called Industrial Revolution later???  If so, I'd
recommend, for instance, _A Journal of the Plague Year_ by Daniel
Defoe (1722), an account of the Great Plague of London in 1664-65.
It might provide an interesting point of comparison between Spanish &
British responses to the plague, though the significance of the
plague in an explanation for the origins of capitalism, in my humble
opinion, is marginal at best.

Now, it seems that we are very far from the synthesis of Maurice
Dobbs & Paul Sweezy, Robert Brenner & Eric Williams!  What happened
to _Capitalism & Slavery_???


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